Many Calgary neighbourhoods are ready for new driveways. Residential concrete completed to commercial standards is our trademark. With industry leading equipment we are able to remove 2000 square feet of old concrete per day. With this capacity we are able to have your new driveway poured and completed within a few days. Outdated construction standards are the main reason behind the failure of driveways in Calgary. Hiring Freehold Construction to remove and replace your driveway is a great long term investment.

Our typical driveway replacement schedule is 2-3 business days

Day one: Careful and efficient demolition of existing concrete. Often we are removing adjacent sidewalks and other areas at the same time that require multiple machines. Our crew works with different sizes of concrete breakers to remove the thousands of pounds of old concrete in a timely fashion.

Day two: The new foundation of gravel that will protect the driveway from ground freeze/thaw cycles is laid. We form the new driveway design and thoroughly compact the new gravel substrate to allow for a uniform thickness of slab. In residential settings we average 4.5” thickness which is over 25% thicker than builders provide in new home construction. 10mm rebar grids are installed and tied by hand. Rebar is also drilled into all adjacent concrete flatwork and foundations to insure longevity.

Day three: Ready-mix concrete, placement machinery and our professional finishing crew arrive on time. Concrete is treated with proper admixtures and professionally placed and finished. There is a focus on curing with all new driveways and we will instruct you on the care required for a new concrete slab.